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Wine Cellars

For those of you who have a passion for wine, we can create a special place in your home for both cellaring and entertaining. Complete with a refrigeration system that balances temperature and humidity, you can feel confident that your wine will be properly matured and preserved.

This cellar was created out of an old cistern and is half underground. It has a natural domed ceiling that creates the feeling that you are in a grotto. A cementitious waterproofing plaster was used to seal the walls and different colored dyes were added and artistically applied to create a Venetian look.

It is also refreshing to come into this room and smell the scent emanating from the racks, shelves and cabinetry that is made from the hearts of redwood.

To enhance the appearance of the size of the room, we used large slate floor tiles with colors that draw from the color of the racking and walls, and that add dimension to the room. Local artist Linda LaDue was commissioned to paint a Tuscan scene in oil on canvas, which allows visitors to "look" out into the vineyard ... simply splendid!

Photo Gallery: Wine Cellars
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